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Browse through our wide range of natural organic jams with antioxidants & vitamins, Aronia organic sauces with relish of East Indian origin and last but not least, our aronia vinegar dressings ready to satisfy even the most demanding one.

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Beneficial Health Properties of Aronia berries and their products

  • • Fights against heart diseases
  • • Antioxidant source & Anti-inflammatory properties
  • • Antibacterial & Anti-carcinogenic properties
  • • Weight control, prevention of obesity & overweight
  • • Crucial component of anti-wrinkle diets
  • • Blood pressure balance & better circulation
  • • Prevention of Diabetes & digestive system disorders

Kottis Superfoods Private Company

Our company is a privately held firm. Our headquarters are located in Athens Greece. A cool and mondern working space , created to enspire out team for the common goal:

..To educate the world for the benefits of this great “superfood” called Aronia, and to deliver the best BIO food products we create arround the globe.

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